About Us

We are an eclectic homeschooling family in rural Minnesota, just down the road from Walnut Grove of “Little House” fame. 

I’ve been maintaining this blog for about 8 years, though it was originally hosted at Homeschool Journal.

We’re influenced by Montessori, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, unschooling, unit studies, project-based learning and every other kind of homeschooling other than “school at home.”  We do occasionally do that for fun, too, though!

As of fall of 2015, the family consists of….

Victoria (Toria), 17 (12th grade), whose interests are art, photography, nature, social justice, psychology, anatomy, woodworking, science, reading and anything related to the medical field.  Toria knows more than I do about so many subjects that I often ask her for answers or advice at this point.

Rhiannon (formerly known as Anna, now going by Rhia), 15 (10th grade), whose interests are photography, art, cosmetology, social justice, poetry, pop punk music, graffiti and writing.  She’s been a vegetarian since she was 11 and is also very much into animal issues.

Jack, 12 (7th grade), whose interests are LEGOs, Minecraft, reading, cooking, sewing, building, inventing, woodworking, computer games, fantasy books, playing with friends and writing stories.  He’s a huge help around the house and is often my right hand man these days.

Alex, 8 (3rd grade), whose interests are pretty much creating things and destroying things.  😉  Okay, other interests include riding his bike, being outside, foraging, nature studies, inventions, natural disasters, cartoon books and anything related to science.  He also absolutely adores math.  He is goofy, exhausting, loving, infuriating and too smart for his own good without a bit of self preservation instinct. If he were in school he would divide his time between being the class clown, joining the math league and blowing up the science lab.

Fiona, 4 (pre-k), was a delightful surprise addition to our family.  We are all having so much fun with her, and she’s become a delightful mix of all of us.  She sits and does art side by side with Victoria, gets her nails painted and listens to Edgar Allen Poe with Rhia, watches shows and plays games with Jack, plays outside and acts like a goofball with Alex, and then plays with Daddy and cuddles up with books with me.  She needs a t-shirt with that Shakespeare quote about “she is small but she is mighty” because she certainly is, and she’s also just a ray of sunshine for us all.

Daryl (Daddy), whose interests include historic reenacting, foraging, the atlatl (an ancient spear throwing tool), card tricks, music, languages, science, acting, teaching various skills, Native American history, and more than I can list.  I’ll have him add in what he wants!

Alicia (me)…. A tired, happy mama whose past lives included running a domestic violence agency and being a poet.  I had a dozen miscarriages before I had my kiddos and I grew up in extreme poverty, so I’m continually shocked and humbled to have all that I have now (it’s not about money, but so much more).  I have some health issues that I’m working on overcoming and I’m a big believer in natural health through good foods, exercise and natural healing.  I can also squeeze a penny till it squeaks, and we live very well on very little.  I love the adventure of homeschooling and living this life with my family.

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