Mummy Dearest

Anna has decided she wants to learn lots more about ancient Egypt.

She took these photos at the Egyptian display at the Science Museum of Minnesota and she got even more hooked on that fascinating time and culture.

Anna's pictures 2011 November 212.jpgAnna's pictures 2011 November 095.jpg

So it looks like we’re diving into some Egyptian fun!

Here’s a bit of stuff I’ve found on the subject to start us out tomorrow…

I haven’t looked at those in depth but they look quite thorough!

I also found this list of resources online and filtered out some dead or for-pay links but haven’t checked them all out yet…

That should keep us busy for a while!  🙂

And a few of my latest yappings elsewhere…

The web site has lots of info and examples of past winners
Playing Candy Land phonics-style
Now, I have to go run lines with Daryl, who was promoted to the lead in the mystery dinner theater next week.  There’s a neck rub in it for me as I read, so it’s win-win!