Free Printable Math Placement Tests for Grades K-7

Curious what level your kids are up to in math? K12 has all of its math placement tests online here.  You can print them out for free without registering or jumping through any hoops.

The tests go from kindergarten through 5th grade in two semesters per year, and then four semesters of pre-algebra, which is roughly middle school age.

Note that it automatically prints the answers too, which doubles the pages printed.  For instance, the kindergarten semester test is 4 pages but it prints 8 pages because it prints the test and then the test with the right answer circled.  If you want to save paper and ink, just print the first half of the pages and check the answers online (if you don’t know them yourself).

You know we don’t follow a structured curriculum, and this was a nice way for me to see what subjects to introduce next to Jack and Anna.  Alex just plain had fun with it, too.  🙂

Online Math Diagnostic

Here’s a free diagnostic test in several math subjects for kids ages 10-13.   This could be a good tool in determining what areas to work on next or to see how well material is sticking.  Victoria and I have been working on converting fractions, decimals and percents for the past couple of weeks so I’m going to have her take the decimal one and see if it’s clicking as well as it seems to be.

After the child takes the test, you can see all the answers and review.  Click to go back to the front page to see where the child’s percent score fits on the stanine chart.

10 Fun Ways We've Learned & Played Lately

Egads, we’ve been busy!  Summer is always such an explosion of activity.  On the one hand, it’s wonderful to have so many opportunities.  On the other hand, it gets a wee bit overwhelming.  🙂

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to……..

1.  Jack started T-ball and is loving it!  His first game was in the rain (that’s some of our cheerleading crew in funny hats to keep the rain off of us) but he did great anyway.  He’s really enjoying himself.  He played outfield and catcher.  His second and third games were rained out, so we’re really hoping it dries up around here soon!

2.  Anna and Victoria are in swimming lessons, levels 4 and 5.  Victoria is not sure she wants to take level 6 next year since she’ll need to swim the length of the pool and back 20 times in a row to pass!  They’re having a blast though, and swimming all the time on their off time too.

3.  Anna and Victoria are taking their California Achievement Test.  Since it’s in 9 fairly long sections, we do about one a day.  Afterwards I sometimes go over any that I spotted that they got wrong so it’s a learning tool and not just an evaluative tool.

Victoria zipped through all the language arts tests and then got to the computational math one and was not nearly as happy.  We went over some of the concepts that were new to her afterwards.  I do not teach to the test.  We don’t do any review or practice or anything ahead of time because I want it to be an honest evaluation of where the kids are at, not a test of how well they can cram before a test and then forget half of it a week later.  Since we don’t report the scores (we are required by the state to do yearly standardized tests but only we see the results), I see no reason to worry about what numbers they get.

The kids have always scored well above grade level even without any studying beforehand.  I think Victoria would prefer it if she could though, because she panics if she’s not perfect at things and some of the material was brand new to her (it has advanced concepts to see how advanced the student may be).  Maybe I’ll buy some tests for her to take for fun and use those as a curriculum after this.  🙂

4.  Anna and Victoria attended Who Wants to be a Scientist? on the Ecology Bus.  From the flier….

Science is great fun – especially when you get to do it outside! Take an Ecology Bus field trip to Boot Lake wetland and do what aquatic scientists do – test water! You’ll have a blast conducting a variety of tests and exploring the wetland from the inside out! Meet at the PEBC in Spark’s Park in Lakefield to don rubber boots and board the Ecology Bus.

They got to attend free since they were taking part in their Survivor day camp through the same organization, and one of their friends attended with them.

At one point they had a big container of water creatures they’d scooped up from the lake to observe and a Predacious Diving Beetle larvae was one of the creatures in the jar.  It apparently is well named and is VERY predacious!  It began to gobble up all the other creatures in the jar that they were supposed to be studying.  Anna was despondent for the other creatures, their friend Bella got mad and Victoria said she just thought it was really interesting.  🙂  Their leader said it probably appreciated them catching him his dinner.  Here’s a pic of the nasty creature, which is apparently bigger as a larvae than as an adult!  Note the description of them as vicious.  My little scientists concur!

My trusty camera and I weren’t around to take pictures but here’s some shots of the girls with some of the other creatures they got to meet on their field trip, from when we visited the next day.

Victoria said this little guy likes to be petted and he feels a bit sticky!

5.  Jack and Victoria gathered sand from the banks of Plum Creek.  We wanted to contribute something to the silent auction for Carol Decker that I blogged about recently and I wrote the woman in charge of it that I could donate some little decorative jars with sand from the banks of Plum Creek, Victoria was going to donate some earrings that she made and Daryl would donate a Native American style choker that he made.

I sent Daryl and the kids down to get sand so I could make them up right away but the woman never wrote me back.  I’ve seen the items on the auction and they really are beautiful and above our standards I suppose, or maybe I volunteered our items too late (it was only a day or so before the auction started but I said I would assemble it all and rush the pictures to her that afternoon).  I was a little surprised I didn’t even get a polite refusal though!  Perhaps we’ll have a fundraiser ourselves and just donate the money directly to the Decker family.

6.  The girls had their first official sleepover with a friend at our house.  They’ve camped out in the back yard with their friend Addie before but this was the first time Addie spent the night inside.  They watched movies, ate popcorn and spent lots of time playing on computers.  I made sour cream coffee cake in the morning and it was so sweet we got belly aches but we think it was worth it!

7.  Daryl and the girls are busy with play practice every weeknight.  The boys and I are having a lot of together time!  The girls love getting to spend so much time with their pageant friends.  When they’re not in the scenes that are rehearsed the kids all play games and talk.

8.  We’re learning about plant propagation, thanks to Alex.  He was quietly playing on the window seat the other day and then Victoria shrieked.  He had happily pulled all of the “babies” off my spider plant and every single long stem off my happy, long and dangly plant next to it.  (That’s it’s official latin name — Happylonganddangly Planteus!).  So I put the spider plant babies in dirt and the dangly stems in water, to show two ways to start new plants from old ones besides seeds.  If life gives you lemons, right?  🙂

9.  We’ve been watching nature around us, as always.  From stopping to watch families of ducks and geese with their babies to finding different kinds of birds nests to rescuing Japanese Ladybeetles from water buckets, we’ve been enjoying the explosion of life that spring and summer brings.

 10. Books, books, books!  As always, we’re keeping the libraries in business.  🙂  We made a detour to a neighboring town’s library today while on a grocery run to snag some new-to-us books and the latest in the Ivy and Bean series.  We’re reading about amphibians, medieval castles, silly chickens, middle children, haunted woods, funny toddlers and dozens more.

And with that, I’m off to sign a permission slip, read three books, give one bath, switch one load of laundry, snuggle one toddler and rest for a bit.  T-ball practice and swimming lessons come very early in the morning!


FreeRice now quizzes math, chemistry and more!


I think most people know about FreeRice by now, the cool web site that tests your vocabulary and earns rice that’s donated to the hungry.  They’ve expanded and now have categories like chemistry symbols, multiplication, world capitals, foreign languages and more!  What a great way to help others and help your kids (or yourself) learn.  🙂

Current categories include:


Our kids have been using Free Rice for many years and they love being able to truly help folks around the world while learning.  They also have fun keeping track of their progress.  It’s such a great site and offers more and more for homeschoolers all the time.



Test results

We got our CAT results back for the girls today.  This was Anna’s first time with the test and Victoria’s third.  Overall, the results were wonderful.  Each girl had one area out of the ten where she scored below average, but the other nine were all well over average.

The basic results were…

Anna (2nd grade) 

  • Overall scored in the 94th percentile compared with others in her grade, with a grade equivalent of grade 5.5 (5th month into 5th grade).
  • Scored lowest in Language Mechanics (capitalization and puctuation) at 34%, grade 2.2.
  • Scored highest in Comprehension (reading and answering questions about what she’s read) at 99% and grade 12.5!
  • Scored above grade level in everything except language mechanics.  Breakdown– Word Analysis 85%, Vocabulary 94%, Comprehension- 99%, Spelling- 75%, LM- 34%, Mathematics Computation- 76%, Math Concepts- 96%, Science- 98%, Social Studies- 91%.

When she took the test, I noticed right away that she didn’t understand the LM section and so we started working on those rules since then.  I’ve been giving her fun little assignments in her homeschool book where she has to do things like underline all the words that should be capitalized and write the rest of the story using proper capitalization and punctuation, and she seems to really get it now.  I think she’ll be way up there next year.  The test was instrumental in showing us that subject needed to be covered.  It was also very validating because Anna does much less HS that “looks like” school and it obviously is working fine for her.  🙂

Victoria (4th grade)

  •  Overall scored in the 97th percentile, with a grade equivalent of grade 9.7.
  • Lowest score was (no surprise) in math computation, which she despises.  She got a 34%, grade level of 4.1.  Interestingly, she scored high in the other math area (math concepts), which she really likes.  That one is geometry, word problems and more math applications.
  • Highest scores were 99% in Vocabulary, Language Expression and Science, which were all at Post High School level!
  • Scored above grade level in everything except Math Computation.  The areas were: Vocabulary- 99%, Comprehension- 97%, Spelling- 71%, Language Mechanics- 84%, Language Expression- 99%, Math Computation- 34%, Math Concepts- 86%, Study Skills- 91%, Science- 99%, Social Studies- 95%.

She scored somewhat low last year in spelling (still above average) and we worked that into HS here (just in fun ways, nothing formal) to try to get that up.  She did get it up so that score means a lot to her.  I think we will still focus on spelling and we are obviously doing more math computation stuff until that clicks for her.  We have been doing it lately and it is slowly making more sense to her.  Since she does so well on the rest of math, I feel pretty optimistic that once she masters this she will do really well in all different math areas.

Our state requires that we test annually but I do find it helpful, especially since we don’t follow a standard curriculum.  It’s good for worried grandparents and naysayers more than anything else.  It also reassures us that we’re not completely screwing up our kids! 🙂

HS Journal

Oh, we’ve been busy!  I’m still sick but quite a lot is going on nonetheless.  Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to.

Maple Syrup Tapping

We took part in an annual tradition of having a big community breakfast and then learning about tapping maple trees at a nearby camp.  The girls know it by heart by now but we always have a ball.  Jack made a new friend and they played together outside.

Microscope Ecology Trek

The kids took part in an activity where they learned the history of microscopes, trekked through the woods collecting cool samples and then looked at their bounty under microscopes.  They drew and identified the goodies.

Prairie Grammar

Daryl made up a bunch of pages of grammar lessons based on Anna’s favorite book series, the Sadie Rose books.  She’s over it, though!  LOL  Anna much prefers to learn organically through writing, reading and doing.

Pirate Grammar

Victoria is still doing the 60 or so pages of pirate grammar that Daryl got for her.  She likes it and always finds a way to make the answers silly.

Computer art

Victoria has gone to town taking pictures, finding images and then creating new images by splicing things together.  She’s doing optical illusions, wacky pictures, you name it.  She created a unicorn with Alex’s head for Anna to use as wallpaper on her computer settings.  Anna and Jack have started doing computer art of their own with special effects like oil painting looks.  They’re already able to do things Daryl and I can’t.


Still plodding away at the tests.  Yesterday was too busy but Victoria did the reading comprehension test this morning.  I’m planning on doing one or two sections with each girl later today.  They like to gleefully point out how ridiculously easy it is.  Snort.  Show offs.  😉


I am reading From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler to Anna as a bedtime book.  Victoria just finished the next Molly Moon novel and is impatiently waiting for the next to arrive via interlibrary loan.  She loves that series.  Jack just gets piles of picture books read to him.  One current favorite is No Matter What.  (I am reading Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn and discussing it online, along with a pile of decorating books and Teaching Elementary Mathematics, which is not nearly as fun.)

100 Birds

Daryl set a goal for seeing/identifying 100 birds this season.  He has started a list and we already have a good number of interesting birds on it, from bald eagle to grackle to kestrel.  Victoria is enjoying helping him look new specimens up in the bird book.

Snow and mud

We’ve had spring mood swings galore over here, with balmy days followed by snowstorms.  The kids have been able to play in snow, mud, slush, grass, ice and gigantic puddles.  My kitchen floor reflects this.  😉


Jack and Anna have been making money, making stores and trying to do commerce in any way for days.  Annalee is simply destined to go into retail or fundraising.  She just loves to make, buy and sell things and to rack up money.  I’m trying to find new and creative ways to meet that need, since we’re all getting tired of her trying to charge us for art, carnivals, beads, favors and anything else she can think of.  I’m thinking of signing her up for Girl Scouts next year since around here the cookie drive is huge.  That always bugged me but she loves selling things so much (whether she gets the money is secondary) that it might be a good fit.  I was also thinking of some sort of charitable fundraiser or walkathon.

Bird & animal ID

Jack and I looked around the ecology center yesterday while the girls were doing their microscope workshop.  They have a lot of mounted critters like owls, fish, racoons and other native birds and animals.  They had a Great Blue Heron and we looked at it up close and talked about how we’d seen one flying nearby on our drive over.  Then we used their specimen sheets and crayons to draw our own funny bird and animal breeds.  Jack quizzed me on them, saying things like “Okay, which one do you think is the most complicated?”.  <G>


The girls didn’t  have Japanese class last week but I bought some neat Japanese books and they’ve been looking at those.  Victoria has been reading a book about the right thing to do in different cultural situations in Japan, and she loves it.  We also got a Japanese picture dictionary and she noticed some disparities between the words Kenai has taught them and ones the book mentions.  We’re bringing the book to ask her about it Friday.

Imaginary numbers

Daryl taught Victoria about the meaning of i and imaginary numbers.   She has started to quiz Jack and Anna about things like the square root of -25 and so she’s now taught them about imaginary numbers.

Math quandaries

We got into a discussion in the car yesterday about why Anna will not always be double Jack’s age.  It was really confusing Victoria that it could only be true sometimes, so we got into a deep discussion of why that was.  We ended up figuring out what ages each of the kids would be double each other’s ages and talking about ratios and such.

And now…

The kids are cleaning the table downstairs so we can do a little art.  We’re going to look at some Picasso and then the kids are going to try their hands at painting in his style.  I also have to put some laundry in, vacuum, clean the front porch and play with a baby.  Maybe not in that order.  🙂

Testing, 1, 2

Our CAT supplies came in yesterday and both girls were excited to start their tests.  I am still rather sick so we weren’t sure if we’d get to it yesterday but they were so looking forward to it that I made time to squeeze in a section or two before bed last night.  I know– wierd kids!

Our state requires yearly standardized tests for all homeschooled kids during the compulsory school years (7-16) and the CAT is the test we use.  This is Victoria’s third year with it and Anna’s first time.  Since they are not used to being tested and tend to do well on that sort of thing, they both enjoy more than the average kid.  😉

We have two weeks to administer it all and then mail it back for scoring.  There are quite a lot of sections and some are rather long (especially for Victoria).  If we don’t get sidetracked we should get it done and back in the mail in about a week by doing a section or two a day.  Or perhaps we’ll get tons done and finish it tomorrow!  The sections are timed but it’s pretty open about how much you do at a time.

We’re buried in snow and Jack threw up early this morning so I’m thinking we’ll have some time on our hands.