Help Track Spring!

Journey North has a wonderful site online where kids from all over can help track spring.

Families can watch for these seasonal changes and report them for their areas.  Parents and teachers can get oodles of great resources to make it even more fun, like this printable Signs of Spring Journal.  There’s also a page just for kids, information about other programs they sponsor and more.

We’re going to take part through the Ecology Bus in our local area.   You can see if a similar organization is tracking your area too.


2 thoughts on “Help Track Spring!

  1. Alicia,

    So happy you visited you blog & commented on my son’s giveaway. And so happy I came here and found this great link. I visited here briefly, thought “cool a frazzled homeschool mom who loves her husband”, then promptly followed the Journey North link. Got lost (not literally but you know lost in time) at journey north, registered and reported the first robin we saw, remembered that I found the site by visiting here, and came back to say “thanks”. Nice link, nice blog. I look forward to visiting more. Now I should really go make breakfast for my kiddos and husband (whom I adore also).

    be well, Renee


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