All About Lapbooking


Note:  I am updating the links and photos for this post.  Magic and Mayhem used to be hosted at Homeschool Journal and when they closed down I moved the blog to WordPress.  All of my old posts contain links to those old HJ pages, and it is a long process updating eight years’ worth of posts and pictures!  If anybody wanders in here and wants the info, leave a comment and I’ll update sooner knowing that someone is interested.  🙂

Have you tried lapbooking yet? This hands-on way of learning is a great way to mix any subject you can think of with art, math, writing, spelling, history and more.

Here are a few articles I’ve written about lapbooking, with slide shows of lots of the lapbooks we’ve made.

And here’s some blog posts here where we’ve featured lapbooking links or our own projects.

Lapbooking 101

(a speech I gave at the MHA conference about lapbooks)

Strawberry Days

(Our day of strawberry picking and prepping, with a link to a great free strawberry lapbook)

How We Lapbook

Tons of Templates!

Our Advent Lapbook

Jack’s “Letter A” Lapbook

Lapbooking en masse

Anna’s name lapbook

Viral Learning

Working on a rose lapbook

Rose lapbook 2: progress and perfectionism

Anna’s rose lapbook

Anna’s Horse Lapbook!

Victoria’s Garden Lapbook

Our Ethiopian Lapbook

Jack’s next lapbook

1 thought on “All About Lapbooking

  1. Note: Examiner changed their writing platform and it made the older articles go wonky, including deleting the slide shows. I’ll try to update those and put new slide shows up if anybody’s interested. In the meantime, the info should still be helpful even if the spacing is a little crazy at times. 🙂


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